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Sep 18, 2018

Sunspot Solar Observatory in the Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico was evacuated was just the beginning. Could local pulsars be confusing the alien tech provided to us in the 1940? Plus, Mike recommends new viewing material at - Check out to see the...

Sep 10, 2018

Everyone is burning everything and it has Mike burning up inside. 

Sep 4, 2018

Suzy wishes it was the 90s again and Mike enjoys a clinic on the subtle art of miming. Special guests drop in and mayhem abounds. 


Aug 27, 2018

Presenting the real fake news that the real news networks fake and the fake news site made real to sell expensive supplements... Brought to you by The Overload is My Shepherd Pet Food. Write to the show at

Aug 20, 2018

Are you a young mormon looking for LDS appropriate date night idea? Join Suzy and Mike on a wholesome journey around youth group board games, hand holding, and a stop by the lemonade social. Just keep it over the clothes.