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Aug 20, 2018

Are you a young mormon looking for LDS appropriate date night idea? Join Suzy and Mike on a wholesome journey around youth group board games, hand holding, and a stop by the lemonade social. Just keep it over the clothes.

Aug 13, 2018

Everyone you didn't like in high school suddenly wants to sell you disney leggings, diet powder, and life insurance. F That S In The A!!

Aug 6, 2018

Moon landing staging updates, Patrick Stewart is back to Star Trek as Captain Picard, and there's something Scottish in my drink. Listener question and why Star Wars fans can no longer think for themselves. To have your question answered on the show, write to

Jul 30, 2018

“I don’t have a girlfriend. But I know a girl that would get really mad if she heard me say that.” - Mitch Hedberg

Jul 16, 2018

Missing for more than two weeks, what happened to Mike? Lengthy alien abduction? Demon summoned while making deviled eggs? Plus listener questions. To have your question read on the show, write to or call 775-346-8682 to leave a classy...